Film Faced Plywood Production Line And Price

Vietnam Film faced production line

To answer the question “how to make film faced plywood” we’d like to introduce the film faced production line in our factory.

Film faced plywood production line

Film faced plywood 18mm

For construction purposes, film-faced plywood meets the criteria for water resistance, durable structure, and can be reused many times. The following is the production process of Vietnam film faced plywood at our plywood factory:

  • First, like other plywood production processes, we make veneer from the logs then dry them.

  • Let the veneer is spread by glue in 2 sides in gluing machine then the worker will put 1 layer vertically, the next layer horizontally to increase the elasticity and texture of the product.
Film faced production line in Vietnam


  • To make the sheets in good shape and stick better they put the sheets into a pressing machine.
  • After pressing, put sheets into hot press machine to reach the stronger structure and increase the shelf life of the product.
  • After that, sand the sheets by sanding machine. This process will make the faces of the sheets smoother. (The same stage compared with producing commercial plywood)

  • The next step, cutting machine will cut the sheets to the required size.
    They stick the film on the face and back of the sheets, using phenolic glue. It helps to waterproof and creates a smooth surface for the sheet.


  • After sticking, put the plywood in the hot press machine, and here below is the film faced plywood after pressing
film faced plywood supplier, and price

12mm film faced plywood in Vietnam

  • At last, paint the 4 sides of the sheet, then choose and pack the sheet to delivery
Film faced plywood production line

Film faced plywood packages

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Film faced plywood production line

Film faced plywood 18mm load in the container

Surely through the film faced production line you can easily imagine how to make film faced plywood now and also know how to choose a good quality plywood. You can refer to the article about the film faced plywood specifications for more useful information.

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Author: Kat Wood