Commercial Plywood Specifications

Commercial plywood specifications

The below information about commercial plywood specifications help us better understand about what we are using.

Commercial plywood specifications

8mm commercial plywood Bintangor

Commercial plywood is now widely used in daily life. They are used in construction, packaging, making boxes ….and many other fields.

Today, let’s find out the specifications of this commercial plywood and its application in daily life.

1. Here below are the specifications of commercial plywood in Vietnam factory:

Name of product : Vietnam Commercial Plywood
Face : Bintangor, Okoume, Recon white, Gurjan (Keruing)
Back : Bintangor, Okoume, Recon white, Gurjan (Keruing)
Grade : A/A, A/B, B/B
Core veneer : Mix hardwood, Acacia, Eucalyptus
Size : 1220*2440 mm or 1230×2440, 900×1800 (as required)
Moisture : Below 12%
Tolerance : +/-0.3 to 0.5mm
Origin : Vietnam Plywood origin
Usage : Usage in construction, making box or some other fileds.
Capable : 1,000 to 1,500 CBM per month.
Payment term : T/T or L/C


Commercial plywood specifications

The sides of commercial plywood

2. The application of commercial plywood:

Commercial plywood is widely used in many fields.: to make box, house, desk….

In the modern life it replace many types of natural wood, contributing to environmental protection

Commercial plywood specifications

                                                                     Use plywood in construction

Commercial plywood specifications

                                                box made from plywood

Commercial plywood specifications

                                                                          Desk made from plywood

Commercial plywood specifications

                                       House made from plywood

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