Commercial Plywood Production Process

Vietnam commercial plywood production process

To answer the question how to make commercial plywood, let’s find out the commercial plywood production process in Kat Wood.

Commercial plywood production process

Bintangor face and back – commercial plywood

Basically, the first 4 steps of commercial plywood and packing plywood are the same, only different in the quality of the materials used:

  • Firstly, the trees are also peeled then put into the saw machine to cut into logs of suitable length.
    Put the logs into peeling machine to make veneers. There are some grade of veneer according to the quality as: A, B, C grade.

  • Dry the veneers: There are 2 methods to dry veneers. First: Put veneers into drying machine, set the time and wait till it reach the suitable moisture. Second method: Manual drying by spreading the veneers on the drying platform and dry until the moisture is reached.
Commercial plywood production process


  • Glue: After getting dried veneer, let the veneer is spread by glue in 2 sides in gluing machine.
  • According to the thickness of the sheet, the worker will make the sheet by putting 1 layer vertically, the next layer horizontally and so on.
Commercial plywood production process


  • Put the sheet in to a pressing machine to make the sheets in good shape and stick better.
  • After that, the sheets will be moved to hot press machine to reach the stronger structure.
  • In the next step, the sheets will be sanded by sanding machine to make the smooth faces of the sheets.

  • Stick the face veneer then after that they will be pressed in the hot press machine one more time then cut into the required size.
Commercial plywood production process


This is the video of cutting packing plywood (the process of cutting the commercial plywood is similar).

  • At last, the workers will choose the sheets that meet the requirements of thickness, structure…etc and pack to ship to the customers. This is the last stage of the commercial plywood production process.
Commercial plywood production process

Commercial plywood 8×4 AA grade – Bintangor – 11mm

Basically, the production processes of all Vietnam plywood manufacturers are the same. But what determines the quality of the plywood sheet is the raw materials and the workers’ compliance with the manufacturing process. Therefore, we always try our best to strictly control both processes to bring our customers qualified products.

Vietnam commercial plywood production process


Above is the entire commercial plywood production process in our factory. A good plywood sheet is made from good materials, the stages are carefully made to make sure the core is solid, the surface is smooth.

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